• Promoting of Excellence Research and Seamless Access to Scholarly Knowledge
    IIES Independent as a leading scientific research and publishing institution in Indonesia in the field of education, social sciences, economics, and humanities
  • Accelerating knowledge and widespread dissemination to the international world
    IIES Independent as a media for Indonesian scientists in disseminating the results of their research to the international academic world
  • Speed up the process and avoid world knowledge gaps in sharing action ideas
    Publish quality papers and professional standards with a good process
  • IIES Independent as a research institute and scientific publisher for the world academic community
    Each paper will be reviewed in a double bind by a reliable and professional reviewer board
  • Submit your scientific manuscripts to our journals and enjoy our services fast, professionally and with quality
    IIES Independent providing services to the scientific/research community for publishing high quality research with open-access (OA) through platform Open Journal System (OJS)

Submit your manuscript to our journal, we will process professionally, fast and high quality


Welcome to IIES Independent

IIES Independent is a research and publishing institution that is independent, non-partisan and non-profit. IIES Independent committed to building research collaborative communities and scientific publications with the academic community or with national and international institutions in the field of education, social sciences, economics, and humanities. IIES Independent focuses on research and publications in the field of education, social sciences, economics, and humanities in Indonesia and the world in order to promote, resolve educational, social sciences, economics, and humanities issues, find concepts, and new approa...

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